We would be honored to design and build you a home of classical beauty—a home that will proudly stand the test of time.


Cannondale renovated the master bedroom and bathroom of this Wilton, Connecticut home. In addition, they added a 2nd floor hallway pull down for better access to the attic and installed ¾" plywood flooring throughout the attic to increase the homeowner's storage space.

The renovation required the existing closets and the master bathroom to be demolished. The bathroom sub flooring, which had water damage and was structurally unsound, was completely replaced. The twisted wall studs were removed and replaced, and the ductwork was resized and relocated.

The bathroom's new look includes a Marvin window, powered custom beveled mirror medicine cabinets surrounded by beveled mirror and decorative wall sconces, Crystal Elite Huntington cabinets, Kilimanjaro Corion for the countertop and bathtub, and Sole Affreschi grigio/beige tiles on the bathroom and shower floors and shower walls. The Kilimanjaro Corion tub deck extends into the frameless glass shower as a seat for two. Brushed stainless fixtures include widespread sink faucets, a Rainforest showerhead, a traditional showerhead, and a handheld showerhead with four body sprays. Brushed stainless soap dishes, robe hooks, pulls and handles, heated towel bars, and toilet paper holder match the fixtures. To finish the look, all interior doorknobs were changed to Baldwin Images.

Extra closet space was an urgent need in the master bedroom, where 2 new closets were constructed, providing twice as much closet space. The closet interiors were customized to the homeowner's specifications and included shoe storage systems, sweater storage drawers, and double stacked hanging systems. The master bedroom also got a new look: the existing wallpaper was removed and replaced by new wallpaper and the carpet was taken up to reveal the hardwood floor beneath. The floor was sanded, resurfaced, and sealed. In addition, the existing double window combination was relocated and changed to a single Marvin window in order to re-center the new bedroom layout.