We would be honored to build you a new home of quality workmanship and classical beauty-a home that will proudly stand the test of time.


Nodhill Manor is located in Wilton, Connecticut and was designed by Diane LaSala.

This superb home, with its breathtaking and meticulously planned property layout, is something to relish.

Sighted within two ponds, Cannondale used its experience and insight to realize an extraordinarily technical site plan to maximize the property's potential. Cannondale's vision was to make the outside an extension of the living space while blending perfectly with the property's natural beauty. The design included a three-level bluestone patio and wall system for entertaining that would flow pleasantly with the future cascading pool, which will combine harmoniously with the ponds' features.

The landscaping was designed with Steward Sachs, Landscape Architect & Site Planner, to create an English-style courtyard. The team took painstaking care to preserve the park-like setting, including moving 8 large specimen trees.