Let us assist you in designing a home that fits your living patterns and defines your unique personal style.


Considering our commitment to tradition, quality, and value, it makes perfect sense that Cannondale Building & Design is a "Design/Build" firm. Although design/build is often thought of as a relatively new approach to home building, it has roots as far back as the building of the pyramids.

In essence, "Design/Build" brings the design and building process under one roof. Because design builders have both design and construction expertise, they can transform the homeowner's vision into a tangible and workable design. Or, the design builder can work with the homeowner's architect to help value engineer and create plans that can be implemented efficiently during the construction process.

"Design/Build" helps develop the relationship between the architect or designer and builder. It facilitates a strong, healthy relationship between the homeowner and all other design and construction professionals involved with the project. For the members of the Cannondale Building & Design team the harmonious combination of form, functionality, & practicality, leads to ultimate customer satisfaction.