Over a quater century of award winning project excellence and customer satisfaction.


At Cannondale Building and Design, we believe in family and tradition - that your home is an integral part of your family's life. We are a family business dedicated to combining the traditions of the skilled and dedicated craftsmen of the past with the latest design capabilities. Our goal is to create not just a house, but a home for your family.

We specialize in new construction, renovation, restoration, project management, and custom design. Over the past 25 years we have established ourselves as one of the top builders and award-winning contractors of custom-built and speculative luxury properties in the Fairfield and Westchester County areas. We have earned that distinction because of our careful attention to the details that create an atmosphere of grand style and distinction and our commitment to building custom homes of the highest quality construction.

Our interest is not in creating a portfolio piece for ourselves, but in creating a home that fulfills all of your desires - not just on a sensible level, but on a sensitive level as well. Our approach is simple. We take the time to listen and to understand what is important to you while keeping in mind the value of what we are creating. Then our skilled designers and contractors work together to make your dream a reality. The result? A home of classical beauty - a home that will proudly stand the test of time.